Currier and Ives

American ()

American printing firm, 1834-1907; Note: The original firm was founded in New York in 1835 by Nathaniel Currier. Lithographs initially appeared under Currier's imprint (his earlier lithographs had been issued in 1834 under the name of Stodart and Currier), and the name Currier and Ives first appeared in 1857, when James Merritt Ives, the company's bookkeeper and Currier's brother-in-law, was made a partner. Currier supervised production while Ives handled the business and financial side. Currier focused on the public's desire for graphic representation of recent events. Currier and Ives was famed for fine craftmanship and the best lithographic materials, with prints sold for a cost accessible to most households. Most designs were created by house staff, and others were commissioned from young artists. The firm was not equipped for chromolithography and prints were hand-colored by women in assembly-line fashion. The style is characterized by clear and simple colors and bold and direct drawing. Currier and Ives prints are considered invaluable records of the politics, history, and manners of 19th-century America. . Lived/worked in NYC


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